Expert Witness Testimony
Trial Scheduling

Expert witness testimony services to help your case efficiency and overall outcome.

Scheduling expert testimony has never been this easy. AMG’s expert services are designed to achieve the goals you’re striving for, whether that be a successful conference call, a perpetuation deposition, trial preparation, or the expert’s attendance at trial.

We take care of all aspects of scheduling, including communication, coordination, and prepayment arrangements. We also send follow-up reminders and alerts that ensure that you and your expert are both present for any phone conferences or meetings, and so that you can avoid late cancellation fees.

When live testimony is not required, we can also assist with declarations in lieu of live testimony.

Three Simple Steps to Get Started

1. Submit Your Referral

We have a short online form you can quickly fill out to provide the relevant information and files.

2. We Find Your Expert

We find the best match for your needs from our 1,100+ community of highly qualified experts. If we need to, we will actively recruit your expert.

3. Your Case Is Solid

Our experts are known for their unbiased, clear opinions. Our airtight process, scheduling, detailed reports and more ensures you the best possible outcome.

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