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Record Reviews

Relevant, comprehensive reviews within your timelines.

When an exam is not necessary, turn to our expert community for a peer review. Evaluating medical records and diagnostic studies, a physician will perform comprehensive review of treatment to date. Our process allows for quick turnaround times, and we ensure the experts address your questions about the claimant within their report.

Our expert witnesses perform record reviews with the same diligence, efficiency, and professionalism as our IMEs, and our ever increasing footprint allows our scheduling team to offer the services of out-of-state experts. Let us take care of your reviews, including records processing.

Three Simple Steps to Get Started

1. Submit Your Referral

We have a short online form you can quickly fill out to provide the relevant information and files.

2. We Find Your Expert

We find the best match for your needs from our 1,100+ community of highly qualified experts. If we need to, we will actively recruit your expert.

3. Your Case Is Solid

Our experts are known for their unbiased, clear opinions. Our airtight process, scheduling, detailed reports and more ensures you the best possible outcome.

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