Accurate Invoice Ranges

AMG Forecast

We know that budget can be one of the biggest concerns on your cases, and are helping clients big and small to accurately forecast their expert costs. Our team will provide you with a comprehensive, complimentary estimate prior to expert retention (and prior to you incurring costs) for your review and approval. Our estimates not only help drive down costs through right-choosing, but they allow you to determine whether or not each case makes fiscal sense to pursue.


  • Complimentary, comprehensive estimates, prior to expert retention.
  • Same day cost comparisons between experts.
  • Proprietary algorithm allows us to produce estimates and make adjustments nearly instantaneously.
  • Estimate range with built in buffer so the contingencies don’t break with your expectations.
  • This program saves thousands of dollars each week for our customers.

If you aren’t paying attention to these factors, you’re spending too much on expert witnesses.


This guide shines a light on the often overlooked costs of expert witness retention so that you are prepared to make the best decisions for your case.

What our clients and experts are saying

Jan H

It was very efficient – provider selected, records review done, report back – you have an excellent team!

Jan H

Stephanie W

Thank you very much for your assistance. I wanted you to know that I was highly impressed with your professionalism and promptness of responding. I will definitely contact you upon the need for a records review and/or IME in the future.

Stephanie W.

Alan G

I always tell my adjuster that the medical experts should be retained through AMG.  AMG is my go-to provider.  You guys are great to work with and I don’t have to worry about the quality and service.

Alan G. 

Pam W

So far everything is fantastic. Efficient, quick response and attention to detail. Love it.

Pam W.

Tracy B

You guys rule.

Tracy B.

Max N

Great job.  Thank you!

Max N.

Mix Sanders

AMG forecast has helped revolutionize the way we identify case costs. We have been able to take the forecasted budget and decide whether or not it’s worth continuing down the litigation route.

Kim S

Thanks for all of your work!

Kim S.

Customer Case Study

Opposing counsel required a draft copy of the protective order that the expert would agree to prior to scheduling the exam. Our Litigation team was able to coordinate between AMG’s of counsel, the expert, and our client to provide the draft protective order in a timely manner.

Allstate Staff Counsel

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