Submit Dictation


You can either upload your dictation into our secure system as a voice file or submit it via phone.  See below for the upload link and phone-in dictation instructions.  Uploaded dictation goes directly to our transcription team.  Once your report has been transcribed, we will return the draft to you for final review and signature authorization, unless otherwise specified.  Please don’t hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions.

Upload Dictation

We accept DSS, WAV, DS2, WMA or MP3 files for transcription.


Toll Free Number: 855-556-4248  (Back Up Number: 877-208-5209)

User ID:  8046#

State:  (1) your full name, (2) claimant full name, (3) “Dictation for Advanced Medical Group”

1  Pause
2  Record
3  Rewind incrementally
4  Fast foward to end
5  Save & end or save & continue later**
7  Rewind to beginning
9  Play
0  Fast forward incrementally

**If you plan to continue your dictation at a later time, note the job number, so you can identify the job when you call in again.

The transcription team receives notification of partial dictations.  If they are not continued within a few hours, they will complete and download the voice file.  If  you are unable to locate the previous job, that is probably what has happened. Just start a new job and we will add it to the previous dictation.